The Message of the BirdsThe Message of the Birds

An old owl tells the Christmas story to the community of birds as he has done so many times before. But when he tells of the special message from the Baby Jesus, a little bird questions why they don't sing it anymore. "People no longer listen," is the sad realization. The birds decide to share again, but this time with the children of the world. And what unfolds is surely a Christmas wonder.

Kate Westerlund tells another moving Christmas tale with gentle and sensitive illustrations from the prize–winning artist, Feridun Oral.

Sharing ChristmasSharing Christmas

It’s Christmas time in the forest, but this year there isn’t much for the animals to celebrate. It’s been a cold, snowy winter and food is scarce. Clara, a little deer, is worried about Christmas, so she wishes on a star for help.

The next day Clara hears the sound of bells in the distance. As she follows the magical sound, she is joined by a squirrel and a rabbit. When they stumble onto a stash of nuts and berries, they decide to share it with everyone in the forest. After all, sharing is giving, and that’s what Christmas is all about.

This beautiful, heart-warming story is about giving and sharing and helping wishes come true.

Mr SnowMr. Snow

There is always something magical about the snow that falls on Christmas Eve, but when Mr. Snow tips snowflakes from his hat the real magic begins.

The wishes of a little girl and a cat made of snow make this gentle story one where friends are brought together.

WunschkarussellDas Wunschkarussell

What do you do when there is nothing else to do? Sometimes it takes a ride on a magic carousel to find an answer.

A little girl named Willow discovers that the magic of a book is not only the story that is printed on the page but the places and things you can discover if you allow your imagination to take you along.

There is a story inside the story and a book inside the book and each time you read you can find something new. But of course that happens only… if you wish.

If You Wish is a "fantasy" of a story by Kate Westerlund, magically illustrated by Robert Ingpen and will send children reading between the lines and daring to travel inside the pictures as they discover that books are for more than just one time.

Currently available only in German and French

The Great Skate RaceThe Great Skate Race

When three friends decide to enter the annual skating race, they find each has a different reason for taking part.

Competition heats up as the starting time gets near, but the race does not turn out as any of them planned, because winning isn't just about coming in first.

Five Nice MiceFive Nice Mice

On a lovely night in the city, five mice hear music in the distance. What can this wonderful sound be? They follow the music and find a fabulous frog concert in the park. But mice are not allowed! Returning home, they decide to form an orchestra of their own. They make their own instruments, practice, and finally put on a fantastic show. But when the applause dies down, they find there are frogs in the audience. Music is to be shared, so the five nice mice share the stage and their music and make some new friends in the process.

The story was created and illustrated by the talented Chisato Tashiro. It was translated from the Japanese by Sayako Uschida and Kate had the privilege of adapting it.

A Cup for EveryoneA Cup for Everyone

Pucca's father is the best cup-maker in town. Everyone owns one of his handmade cups. But when his father begins to run out of customers, he must go to the next village to sell his cups. So Pucca decides to take matters into his own hands. This young cup-maker-in-training creates the perfect cup for all his friends: Ms. Parrot's is bright and colorful, Zebra's has stripes, Bird's is in the shape of a nest, and Giraffe's has an extra-long neck.

Soon everyone wants their very own special cup, and sales skyrocket! Will all of Pucca's hard work be enough to keep his father at home?

This book was written and illustrated by the creative Yusuke Yonezu and Kate had the pleasure of adapting it.

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