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The NativityKate is pleased that her book The Message of the Birds is now available in the United States and thrilled to receive her first Kirkus Star.


The Message of the Birds

"This calm, unassuming story tells how the birds of the world spread a message of peace at Christmas by singing their special song for children around the world.

The proverbial wise old owl tells a mixed flock of birds the story of the Nativity, and the gathered birds are inspired to spread the song of peace themselves by reaching out to children. Told through simple, lyrical words, the story of how the birds fly off to spread a song of peace by singing to children is a touching and profound interpretation of the role of the Christ Child and the meaning of his birth. The birds share their song, and lines of children join hands on snowy hills under a guiding star. The message of the birds’ song is revealed on the final pages: “Let there be peace, peace on Earth!” with the word peace written in dozens of different languages on the last page. Minimalist illustrations are painted in muted hues on pale gray backgrounds dotted with snowflakes, creating a hushed atmosphere that makes the final message stand out. Even the cover is understated, with a single robin perched on the tip of an evergreen, snow falling in the background.

A lovely, quiet book with something powerful to say."