Thoughts from Kate’s Journal

Many writers are avid journal keepers...I wish I had started sooner. Why didn’t I record those little pearls, those great book title ideas or the bits of dialogue in organized diaries? If chronicled, the progression of my thoughts might have been fodder for... Yeah right!

That is not to say that I never wrote things down. I’ve scribbled wildly but without method or system. My notes landed mostly on paper scraps, concert programs and even restaurant napkins... and I’ve filed them, where?

Occasionally, I come across one of those scraps. Sometimes, when it is particularly clever or articulate, I worry. Did I think of this, did I write it? Well, I am not the person I was!

Since it’s never too late to learn, I now have journals in which I keep my scraps. To avoid confusion, I keep other people’s pearls in a special place for those moments when I need wisdom, humor, or motivation.

I’ve been encouraged to blog, and perhaps I will one day. Until that day comes, however, I’ll share some of my musings here... better than the corner of a concert program.

Always, K