Tribute to a Muse

A tribute to the young writer and poet Shannon Leigh
whom I knew as Magoo. Her untimely death touched many.

I’ve spent most of my years with my eyes closed
while you looked with naked eyes
directly at the sun.

I’ve spent most of my years walking in comfortable circles
while you flew untethered, a warrior,
writing your journey down.

But you’ve left so much unwritten
so many words demanding to be heard
so many feelings begging to be felt.

Wings have replaced your sword
but the gauntlet lies at our feet,
seeking champions.

If you are now the other muse,
no longer poet but
inspiration and guiding spirit;

Be unyielding,
demand of us that we defy that which holds us planted,
that which keeps us cemented in fear or arrogant complacency.

Many will grieve,
some drenched with the bitter bile of rage
and others overcome with the emptiness of explicable loss.

But I will look at this feather I hold
and smile and be ever reminded to
look at the sun and to open my wings and fly untethered.