A Matter of Translation

Translating poetry and things literary has always been a challenge. It is a bit like transposing music into another key, but then it becomes all about the nuances. To capture the style of the author, to maintain the cultural integrity of the book's origin, to retain the rhythm of the words and the melody of the sentences are all paramount. One would think that a picture book with limited text would be much easier but often it intensifies the challenge.

A wonderful experience for Kate has been to translate the work of some very talented colleagues into English. Under the name Kathryn Bishop, Kate has translated books by Knister, Marcus Pfister, Geraldine Eschler, Brigitte Weninger, and Daniela Bunge, and with the help of Sayako Ushida, books by Ayano Imai, Chisato Tashiro and Momo Takano.

Two of Kate’s favorites:

A Promise is a Promise         Fritz's Fish